Books By Past Members

The following natural ingredients were used in the formation of the stories in this book:

  • A King who insists on having his own way.

  • A long-suffering queen.

  • A man who has to have everything exciting.

  • A talking owl.

  • A know-it-all called Manual.

  • An unusually wise Bob.

  • A princess who argues with the King.

  • A villain with a terrible accent called Paul Daside.

  • Rock bands called 'Chicken Cramps' and 'Apples Don't Fall Down' (ADFD).

  • Mind reading glasses.

  • A boy band called 'Boy Fluff'.

  • A marriage counsellor called Iva Mary Husband. and the Lab for Technological Peculiarities and Phenomena.

  • No artificial writing, colours or character preservatives.

So, why not indulge your taste buds, unwrap the stories and take a bite or two?

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