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The Blue Box

"He entered the current access code on the special electronic door lock and let himself in. Once inside, he retrieve the next day's delivery schedule from the small office and seeing that some of the orders were for frozen produce, made his way towards the freezer room. He opened the door and stopped. The paperwork fell from his hands. He clasped them to his face. His jaw dropped. He was rooted to the spot. Cold air was descending past his static body as he just stared. He eventually moved inside and closed the door. The face staring back at him was very dead..."

From that moment on his life would never be the same again, as events unfolded which brought him into direct contact with a person - a powerful man in high office, who thought he could act beyond the law - whom a decade earlier had caused him much personal loss and suffering. He hadn't ever plannied to get his revenge but, once he'd discovered where the dead body had come from, he felt compelled to follow events to their conclusion ...  whatever that turned out to be!

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