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The fortunes of war are turning.


The Nazi forces are in retreat. Hitler has ordered immediate deployment of the Luftwaffe’s hi-tech, war-winning, airborne weapon system; The FockeWolf FW-600 Kobra.


When Prime Minister Winston Churchill orders the threat to be neutralised, Sarah Porter, a ferry pilot of the Air Transport Auxiliary and John Messenger, a wounded fighter pilot are thrust together in a potentially suicidal mission.


Timing is essential if they are to stay alive.


But nothing ever works to plan; and when capture, torture, injury and death are thrown into the melting pot, anything could happen… 


And it does…

Criminal masterminds bent on securing the last of the world’s dwindling oil supplies will stop at nothing to achieve their aim.


A small time crook steals an attaché case but discovers, too late, that it contains more than he bargained for…the key to the survival of the world.


The world’s largest and most advanced airship departs on its maiden voyage; its passengers and crew wish for nothing less than a trip to remember ... Be careful what you wish for.


A Royal Air Force transport aircraft carrying nuclear weapons disappears and thrusts Sergeant Air Loadmaster Becky Davies into a life or death situation.


The clock is inexorably ticking and when it stops, so will the world – for ever…

An anthology of short stories and poems, mainly fiction, covering a variety of subjects from around the world.

Noel K Fletcher was born in London, is married with two sons and now lives in Suffolk. He served with the Royal Air Force for over twenty years as a photographer, then as tactical-ops helicopter aircrew and later as an analyst with the Defence Intelligence Staff.


After retiring from the MoD he held appointments for a number of years as Centre Director of the National Imagery Analysis Centre, college registrar, doctor’s practice manager, community bus service manager and admin Manager for a private residential home.

He has lived, and held operational appointments, in many parts of the world including Singapore, Madagascar, Germany, Cyprus, Australia, Canada, Washington DC and Central America.


His published adventure thriller novels are based on factual research and personal experience; he has also compiled an anthology of short stories and poetry. He is a keen artist with subjects ranging across contemporary paintings, pen sketches, bespoke commissioned cartoons and greetings cards.

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