When you join Huntingdon Writers' Group one of the things you are given is Volume 1 of "Mini Sagas The First Collection'. 

What is a Mini Saga?

A mini saga is a fun and concise way of telling a story.

"A mini-saga is a story of exactly fifty words, neither more nor less. It must tell a story. It should have some dimension to it: time should pass. It should have gravity. That’s to say, it should make a point which has some drama or psychological truth. It must aim, in fact, to be a saga in miniature." 

Extract from “Mini Sagas – The First Collection” by Huntingdon Writers’ Group. ©1996.  In turn attributed to The Telegraph Sunday Magazine which in April 1999 invited readers to submit stories. (By end of May they had received more than 9,000 entries.  The Book of Mini-Sagas II  telegraph.co.uk)

Additional Rules:
There can be up to 15 words in the Title. These do not count towards the overall word count.

Examples of Mini Sagas follow:

A Christmas mini saga-
A child Worries When Santa Changes the Present Delivery System


A shadow in the night but no stocking on my bed.

A note lay there instead.

In darkness fear that it would say,

“Naughty children receive no presents.”

Dawn’s light revealed the text,

 “Santa’s grotto is beneath the tree.”

I raced downstairs to see

myriad-fold gifts and plenty for me.


Sally-Rose Runham

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Testing of a Response to an Emergency Call


Sam fell into the river in front of passers-by. 

Someone called, “Help!”   This arrived quickly.

“Looks too deep,” said the police.

“Too much weed,” stated firemen.

“Pretty cold?”  pondered paramedics.

“Let’s not bother now.  He’s drowned,” all agreed.

 Sam emerged. “Well done!” he cried.

“You’ve all passed with flying colours.”


Sally-Rose Runham


"Sally Rose's Mini Sagas" will now be published twice a year! 

mini sagas vol 1

Calling All Authors

Please consider publishing your work in ‘Sally-Rose’s Mini Sagas.’


The book is issued twice a year with new mini sagas included.


The best mini sagas receive prizes, now up to £50.


Whilst remaining the copyright of its author, each mini saga is viewed by many readers.


The aim of the publication is to encourage people to relax, escape from the modern technology world and, at only 50 words, be able to read at least one complete mini saga in one reading session.


Come on, skilled writers and submit one now. Check out the first publication at www.amazon.co.uk: Sally Rose's Mini Sagas
(Available for Kindle)

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