Folded Short Story Submission and "Bring and Share" Night.

06 Mar 2018

In Attendance:   

Mary Matthews (Chair), Hazel Newton, Derek Newton, Patricia Burn, John Williams, Elizabeth Chandler, Tom Maclennan, Anne Price, Lynne Cobine, Liz Wolmersley
Sally Runham, Olive Cutting, Linda Hutchings


Hazel collected the entries ready to be judged by Mendlesham Writers Grop.


Welcome & Notices:

Mary welcomed everyone to the meeting. Hazel passed on the good wishes of the group to Olive.


The competition entries for the 1,000-word short story competition on the theme of ‘Folded’ were submitted this evening. This will be judged by the Mendlesham Writers’ Group.


John Williams kindly provided a report on a meeting he attended at Huntingdon Library:

‘A Writer's Workshop held at Huntingdon library on Saturday 3rd March - 10-30am to 1-30pm Cost £6 including refreshments.

The event was organized by two authors, Jane Menzcer and Miranda Doyle, both published authors.

Participants were encouraged to express ideas and topics for discussion using the large sheets of paper provided, with headings - 

Dialogue  Characters   Genre    Conflict    Point of view. 

Many ideas and opinions were shared and a detailed discussion followed, using each heading as a prompt.

The Workshop was both useful and enjoyable.’



Bring and Share Your Own Work Contributions:

Everyone was invited to read a piece of their own work. The following items were read by their authors.

Elizabeth narrated ‘The Temp’. This included diary entries revealing the thoughts and aspirations of a very strong character. It was felt to be very well drawn.

Tom read a rhyme. This was a children’s story in rhyme that was very well presented. Brussels sprouts featured strongly in this! It is not an easy medium to master. It was well written and well read. It was suggested that it would do well as a performance text.

Anne presented a piece entitled Faction – The Staff. This provided a background text revealing various levels of stress in the family, at work and in relationships. A wide canvas was created offering scope for a strong storyline

Liz read a piece of flash fiction called Fruit Cake. A dispute over a parking space is enough to drive anyone mad! Great fun. Characters well drawn and a neat ending.

Patricia read a piece of Fan Fiction called Ghosts – Continuing the Saga of Star Trek – Spock’s approaching death was dealt with very sensitively introducing ghosts from past and present.

John read a humorous piece about Tea Leaves. The skill of taking a peep into the future using tea leaves in a cup is thwarted when tea bags are used.

Hazel read a poem – a short atmospheric verse celebrating our place in the cosmos.

Mary narrated a cleverly constructed story giving ‘shadow’ a voice, recounting milestones in the lifetime of companionship between the person and the shadow.



Mary thanked everyone for their positive contributions to the meeting and for all of the lively and interactive discussion.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm


Next Meeting - MAJOR CHANGE

The next meeting is on Tuesday 17th April.
This is a one-off change to the usual first Tuesday. This is to accommodate a visit by guest speaker, Ian Andrew, a Northern Irish author currently living in Australia. He is keen to talk to writing groups whilst on his visit in the UK.


Also that evening will be the Submission of the Annual Project on the theme of either a biography or autobiography and either non-fiction or fiction.

Please submit three copies of an entry that is typed and double spaced. 1,800 to 2,500 words. The front page has only the title and word count: please do not put the author’s name on the document.

This is to be judged, very kindly, by the Needingworth Scribblers.



Additional opportunities to write

There is a new Facebook page for HWG at the following link:


Patricia encourages members to write for the website. She suggests blogs of about 500 to 700 words On Any Theme.  Please visit the website frequently and create new links to the website through Facebook and other media in order to raise its profile. Email all website contributions to Patricia at       



Sally Runham

HWG newsletter editor



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