CHRISTMAS SOCIAL including drinks & mince pies etc and a game of writerly "Consequences". PLUS COMPETITION ENTRIES: 250 words inspired by a song.

06 Dec 2016

In Attendance:    

Mary (Matthews), Hazel (Newton), Derek (Newton), David (Seaton), Patricia (Burn), John (Williams),
Frank (Burns), Olive (Cutting) – Chair and John (Cutting).

Apologies had been received from Sally Runham, Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon and Peggy Chaffe
(Peggy had emailed Sally to wish the group a successful evening).


Olive welcomed everyone to the meeting. She introduced the evening event of ‘Christmas Consequences.’ This was a party game where Olive had supplied an opening paragraph for a short story, copies of which were then passed around for people to spend about ten minutes adding to the story. This was done three times and at the end of this, each ‘story’ was read out. There was a great deal of hilarity as the stories were read out in turn by David, Frank, Patricia, John W, Olive, Hazel, Mary and one read for John Cutting.



There followed a break for Christmas nibbles and feasting.


When Olive called the meeting back to order she first of all thanked all HWG members past and present for their kind and supportive thoughts through her time of illness in the summer.



  • John Williams spoke of a self-publishing day conference to be held at Leicester University next year. He can be contacted for further information.

  • Hazel reminded the meeting about the Local Radio and said that her Christmas Story would be broadcast soon.

  • Frank spoke of ‘The Writing Magazine’ saying that a huge discount could be had by subscribing before the end of the year. He also reminded of the Cambridge Library Service where magazines from around the world could be accessed

From Frank’s subsequent email:
1. Writing Magazine, ideal for budding writers and self-publishers, has a Christmas promotion of a full year's subscription at half price. Visit:
2. If you are a user of the Cambridgeshire Libraries, they have a brand new website, and you can access everything on-line, including a growing selection of E-books, and a world-wide selection of free newspapers and magazines. Visit: , click on the eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, eNewspapers link, and you will be asked to download the Spydus App for books, and Zinio for magazines. This is an excellent service, and it's all free!


Christmas poems and readings were also brought to the meeting.

  • David read ‘The Pen’ written by himself with a little help from a friend

  • Frank read ‘Winter’ by William Shakespeare.

  • John W read ‘A Merry Money Christmas.’ His own work.

  • Olive read ‘An account of a 17th century celebration from Cheshire.’

  • Mary’s contribution was ‘A Christmas Cavity’ which had been written by a colleague, Mark Barry.



Olive closed the meeting at 9.25pm, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday January 3rd with ‘On The Spot Writing.’

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