Why Blog/Blogging Made Easy
with Frank Burns and Mary Matthews

05 Sept 2017

In Attendance:    Mary Mathews (chair), Frank Burns, Patricia Burn, Olive Cutting, John Cutting, Hazel Newton, Derek Newton, Jesus Reyes Rodriguez ‘Rey’ and Sally Runham

Apologies from: John Williams.



Welcome and notices

Mary welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the theme, ‘Blogging Made Easy - How To Write For A Potentially Unlimited Audience’, a presentation led by Frank and with contributions from both Mary and Patricia.



  • This evening the Mini Saga Competition was launched. This is to be submitted on 5th December. There is a maximum of three entries per author. Please see the programme at the end of the newsletter. Also, all members will receive the competition leaflet as an additional email attachment. If you would like a printed copy, let Sally know. Tel: 01480 461985 and please leave a message.

  • At the 5th October meeting, Poetry Competition entries will be submitted. Remember that the voice of the poem is non-human. Mine is a bridge!

  • There will be a fundraising Table Top Sale on 14th October in St Ives Corn Exchange. We have enough material for sale but would welcome cakes. These can be brought on the day or to the 5th October meeting as we have some freezer space.

  • Please note that Mary has a new novel out under the name of Georgia Rose ‘Parallel Lies’, available from Amazon.

  • Noel K Fletcher, who left HWG recently, has a book of short stories entitled ‘And I Don’t Even Have An Uncle In Australia’.


The Evening's Event:
Blogging Made Easy - How To Write For A Potentially Unlimited Audience


Frank began the discussion by showing the logos of two of the biggest blogging sites on the Internet. These are Wordpress.com and Blogger.com. Frank has a blog (short for web log)  on wordpress.com called Serendipities that he has run for 8 years. https://frankburns.wordpress.com


Frank writes for fun and regularly adds information into his blog. He is not particularly interested in gaining followers of his blog and does not monitor or attempt to influence statistics of those visiting his site. However, Mary suggested that he has a good level of interest.


Frank’s main content is about cycling and he has visited many places of interest to other cyclists and those interested in travel generally. Interest in his blog increases immensely when he is on a journey and he provides live feed. Mary and Patricia also mentioned that there is considerable interest in feedback from live concerts (e.g.U2 and Bruce Springsteen) in other blog sites.


Frank uses good quality photos. He tends to add regular short blogs. This is where he wants to update a journey diary or add his thoughts.


His site covers several other topics such as local history, book reviews and attempts to encourage better use of the English language!


Frank is reaching an audience across the globe and has regular interaction with people that he has met whilst travelling.


Those who visit the site can retain interest by clicking the ‘Follow’ button and then they become a ‘Follower’. Some celebrities (e.g. A Premiership footballer)  have millions of followers and can attract huge amounts in advertising revenue. Less well-known people can also focus on their field of interest and gain many followers (and advertising income potential) over a number of years.


It is possible to follow or to use other forms of contact such as to send an email to Frank.


When Frank sends out a new post to his blog followers he checks that he has sent it by also sending a copy to himself as a ‘subscriber’ to his own blog.


Mary suggested that whilst Frank is an established blogger with this as a hobby, Mary uses the technique as part of her sales and promotional processes


Patricia challenges and encourages members to blog for our website. She suggests blogs of about 300 to 500 words www.huntingdonwritersgroup.com. On Any Theme. 

  • Please visit the website frequently and create new links to the website through Facebook and other media in order to raise its profile.

  • Email all website contributions to Patricia at u2trish@aol.com.       


Members thanked Frank, Mary and Patricia with a round of applause






Jean set the poetry competition challenge at the August workshop. This is to be submitted on 5th October.
Jean would like up to 40 lines of double spaced typed writing with a theme using the voice of a non-human - animal, bird or object.
This is to be in the 1st, 2nd or third person.



Members enjoyed a refreshment break including scones and shortbread.


After discussion, Mary thanked everyone for attending and their contributions.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

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