Awards Night for the Annual Pauline Hornsby Glass Goblet Competition with readings & critiques of the winning entries.

04 Oct 2016

In Attendance:    
Zulma (Burgos-Dudgeon) – chair, Hazel (Newton), Derek (Newton), Frank (Burns), Mary (Matthews), Patricia (Burn), 

Sue (Worthington), Sue (Blyth), Olive (Cutting), John (Cutting),David (Seaton), Sally (Runham)

Apologies were received from John (Williams).


Guest speaker and awards presenter: Jean Fairbairn (Needingworth Scribblers)


Zulma welcomed people to the meeting.


Notices and news

The group discussed the entry for the December meeting and it was agreed that the topic could be prose or poetry on a popular song title or an instrumental tune.


Mary mentioned that the Huntingdon Author Festival and Huntingdon Literary Festival had been postponed. The “Telling It” group will meet on a Saturday in December and further information on this will follow.


Patricia has kindly offered to take over the website, following discussion with Ruth (Ekblom) and was thanked by the group. ‘Groovy’ and ‘hyperfunctional’ is Patricia’s approach with links and a map, updated events and links to member’s blogging sites.


Sue B mentioned that new films were to be made from Agatha Christie books.


The awards presentation

Jean discussed the various contributions. She enjoyed their diverse nature and gave a resume of each piece. With a colleague who specializes in historical facts, they judged the following.


Gold award and winner of the Pauline Hornsby trophy was:

Frank with “If You Came At Night Like a Broken King.” The title from TS Eliot’s ‘Little Gidding and the story about the retreat in that hamlet.


Frank, taking a deep breath after just arriving from the airport, read his contribution. Everyone applauded the beautiful insight into this valuable local facility.


Silver award:

Mary with ‘My Own Little Patch of Huntingdonshire by a Reluctant Historian.”

Mary had taken a walk around Catworth to bring to life the village’s history.


Jean suggested that Mary develop this work either in terms of adding to local history or part of a well-researched historial novel.


Bronze award:

Hazel with ‘Basket weaving in St Ives.’ This covered the rise and fall and recent revival of the basket making industry. Age-old skills are now making ‘innovative living sculptures.’ Hazel brought to life this rural skill based at Holt Island in the town.


The contributions were enjoyed by the group.


The group enjoyed refreshments provided by Hazel with chocolate birthday cake and scones with butter. Olive and John provided apples from their tree.



Additional contributions

David read his competition entry which was ‘The Origins of the Huntingdon Writers’ Group’ - a hilarious lighthearted race through history covering imaginary incarnations of HWG. This was enjoyed by the group and a copy requested by Patricia for the website.


Mary presented flowers to Jean Fairbairn and thanked her for her considerable hard work and the detailed comments on each entry. Jean had suggested the provision of maps, where appropriate, and references to show the validity of the research. For each person, she also suggested a way forward with the work. Jean had also provided each person with an information sheet on the Harvard system of referencing.


Zulma reminded people:

  • Next month on November 1st Mary will discuss self-publishing.

  • Please do your best to submit a short piece of prose or a poem on a popular song title at the December meeting. Within the limit of 250 words, anything goes, and to be assessed in-house. Judged in February, so aim to lift the winter spirits!


The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

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