Fun With Writing Prompts Workshop, Part II, with Patricia Burn

03 Oct 2017

In Attendance:    Patricia Burn (workshop organiser), Hazel Newton, Derek Newton, Mary Mathews, Rodriguez Reyes ‘Rey’, Olive Cutting, John Cutting and Sally Runham

Apologies: No specific apologies but the members passed on good wishes to those unable to make the meeting.



Welcome and notices

  • Hazel collected submissions for the poetry competition. The results of this will be available at the November meeting.

  • Mary reminded people of the Table Top Sale on 14th October at St Ives Corn Exchange in town centre. The event is a fundraiser for HWG. Doors open from 10am to 2pm. Cakes are welcome.

  • There is a new Facebook page for HWG at the following link


The Evening's Event:
Fun With Writing Prompts Workshop, Part 2, with Patricia Burn.


Patricia welcomed everyone to the workshop and introduced the theme.

The workshop would be divided into three with the first part on the theme of ‘Fruit.’


In the first part, there were three exercises, of 5 minutes each.


The first ‘Describe A Banana As If It Were Someone You Find Really Annoying’.
This was relatively easy with its distinctive thick skin, slippery when ripe, need to peel layers, dark spotted, yellowing skin, squidgy insides, spinelessness and bent appearance. You would not have been able to recognize that popular nutritious fruit from those detailed descriptions! Several described the sickly sweet, cloying smell. No dementia diagnosed in this writers’ group, then: inability to recognize common smells is an early sign of this ailment according to recent research.


Patricia gave two more prompts for fruit, with attraction and love part of the challenge.
Sally found these difficult, but others were more at ease describing these feelings.

Everyone was encouraged to read aloud their contributions.
At the previous workshop, also run by Patricia, several had declined, but this time, everyone was on the ball. This part was thoroughly entertaining.


The second third of the workshop was for a longer session of 20 minutes with a choice of four prompts.
Three of these were:

  • ‘“What Are You Doing In My Boatyard?” Said The Old Man With The Wild Hair And Unkempt Beard.’

  • ‘Tell The Story Of The Gingerbread Monster’.

  • ‘Beware Of The Moon’.


Olive wrote a beautiful piece on the last of these themes.


Members then enjoyed a refreshment break including cake to celebrate Hazel’s birthday.


The final session, of 15 minutes gave two choices, on

  • ‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’ or Tell The Story Of The Knight and

  • The Dragon From The Dragon’s Point Of View’.


Members thanked Patricia for a superb workshop.
Patricia was pleased with the diversity of contributions. Mary said that the prompts had been cleverly chosen.


The meeting closed after 9.30pm. The next meeting is on 7th November.




Patricia encourages members to write for the website. She suggests blogs of about 500 to 700 words On Any Theme.  Please visit the website frequently and create new links to the website through Facebook and other media in order to raise its profile. Email all website contributions to Patricia at       


Ongoing competitions are:

The Mini Saga with entries on 5th December. There is a maximum of three entries per author. Also please remember the on-going biography/autobiography project for submission in April next year.

Please see the programme at the end of the newsletter.


Please note that Mary has a new novel out under the name of Georgia Rose ‘Parallel Lies’, available from Amazon.

Noel K Fletcher, who left HWG recently, has a Kindle book of short stories entitled ‘And I Don’t Even Have An Uncle In Australia’.

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