Accepting the Challenges of Who? What? & Where? And Taking the Consequences.

Plus Launch of Competition. 

02 Jan 2018

In Attendance:   

Mary Matthews (Chair), Derek Newton, Olive Cutting, John Cutting, Rodriguez Reyes ‘Rey’, Hazel Newton, Sally Runham and John Williams


Mary as chair launched the Short Story Competition. 1,000 words (exactly) on the theme ‘Folded’. The submission date is 6th March.


Welcome & Notices:

Hazel provided leaflets for the VER Poets open competition – please see notices at the end of the newsletter for the website.

Several members mentioned that artist Denny Gaudin, a member of HWG, has completed a mural in St Ives. It is at the Quay in St Ives. Just walk along Free Church Passage, on the right-hand side. Well done Denny!



Mary led the game, designed by a former member, Noel Fletcher.

Reader 1 John C Walked in a park, building the atmosphere for the story

Reader 2 Rey Showed paintings of suffering subjects

Reader 3 Derek Felt the call to adventure and the need to strike out into the unknown

Reader 4 John W Featured early explorers, Scott, Amundsen and Oates in Antarctica

Reader 5 Sally’s Scene was skiing over mountains and stopping for cocktails stored in hipflasks

Reader 6 Mary’s hungry character sought porridge and goulash in an alpine chalet

Reader 7 Olive was topical with Hogmanay in Scotland, spoilt by partisan fighting

Reader 8 Hazel wound up the wintry tale by pondering the dangers of clambering over the roof up to the chimney (better late than never!).


Who? What? And Where?

Each person drew from an envelope a character, an artefact and a location to provide prompts for their stories.

Mary spoke of Martin Luther King eating chicken in Amsterdam. This unlikely setting provided stimulation for his renowned speech.

John C’s cats in Chicago were studied by Charles Darwin.

John W’s rather naive travellers took a cruise to Singapore and almost came a cropper when arrested for possessing drugs (Aspirin for their own use) but were saved by the President’s son.

Olive’s boat was named the F D Roosevelt and travelled to Sydney Harbour Fridge. This covered the challenge rather deftly.

Hazel featured a hapless Lyndon B Johnson whose shopping spree went awry.

Derek wrote a well-received ‘factual’ biopic of Pope John Paul.

Rey’s choice of Malcolm X, a lion and the city of Cannes in France provided material for the movies.

Sally’s leaders’ world peace plans, led by Nobel prizewinner Mikhail Gorbachev, were thwarted by terrorism initiated in Istanbul.


The meeting adjourned for refreshments provided by Hazel. Rey brought scrumptious homemade molasses biscuits and Nutella/ peanut butter cookies.


After refreshments and discussion, John Williams read a short story entitled ‘Chronophobia’. A middle aged person, afraid of travelling in time, was aghast at finding himself only five years old and facing the prospect of reliving childhood and teenage angst. Everyone enjoyed this, and John hopes to include it in a compilation of his work in the near future.


The meeting closed at 9.20pm


Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th February. The results of the Mini saga competition will be announced.





The next deadline is 6th March for the short story competition on the theme ‘Folded’ and with exactly 1,000 words. Please present your entry double-spaced and with three copies. The Mendlesham Writers have very kindly offered to judge our entries.


Also, please continue with the annual project. Annual Project, 1,800 to 2,500 words on Biography or Autobiography Fiction or Nonfiction. Submission 3rd April 2018.


Hazel distributed leaflets from the VER Poets Open Competition with a closing date of April 30th 2018. Please refer to the website:


There is a new Facebook page for HWG at the following link:


Patricia encourages members to write for the website. She suggests blogs of about 500 to 700 words On Any Theme.  Please visit the website frequently and create new links to the website through Facebook and other media in order to raise its profile. Email all website contributions to Patricia at       




I would like to wish everyone a happy 2018.


Sally Runham

HWG newsletter editor and committee member.































Patricia encourages members to send in examples of their favourite poems etc together with a short ctitique (not obligatory) for the blog section of the website. Please visit the website frequently and create new links to the website through Facebook and other media in order to raise its profile. Email all website contributions to Patricia at       


Ongoing competitions are:

  1. The Mini Saga with entries on 5th December. There is a maximum of three entries per author. Also please remember the on-going biography/autobiography project for submission in April next year.

  2. Short story 1,000 words entitled ‘Folded’ for submission in March and

  3. The biography/autobiography project for submission in April next year.

Please see the programme at the end of the newsletter.


Please note that Mary has a new novel out under the name of Georgia Rose ‘Parallel Lies’, available from Amazon.

Noel K Fletcher, who left HWG recently, has a Kindle book of short stories entitled ‘And I Don’t Even Have An Uncle In Australia’.

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