02 Aug 2016

Leading the Workshop:

Helen O'Mahoney, Joan Tucker,  Anne Wingfield.



Hazel (Newton), Mary (Matthews), Zulma (Burgos-Dudgeon), Sue (Worthington), Patricia (Burn)



Olive (Cutting), David (Seaton), Sally (Runham), Noel (Fletcher), Peggy (Chaffe),  Frank (Burns), John (Williams)


Other Guests

Ginnie Mayo, Alison Goulding, Janet Nicholls, Andrea Weeding.



Hazel pointed out a change to the Programme.

The Awards evening for the Huntingdon Competition will now be on October 4th

Mary will speak on 'Self and Traditional publishing' on November 1st.

A copy of the changed Programme is at the back of this Newsletter.


The Hunts Post recently carried an article announcing the re-launch of their 3 minute soap-opera.

Auditions are being held for budding actors, producers, directors etc.

If you feel inclined to broaden your horizons and work in a different medium the contact details are -

 01480 414 104

A copy of the article can be found at the back of the Newsletter.



Although there were more visitors than members, there was certainly no feeling of 'them and us'.

Right from the start it was 'let's do this together'.

The team had put together an impressive array of writing prompts, challenged our perception of ourselves and encouraged a deeper, broader approach to the creation of our fictional characters.

We worked both alone and in pairs, also in general discussion, sharing ideas and experience.


Altogether providing an interesting, constructive, fascinating basis on which to build believable characters for our short (or long) stories.


Mary expressed our thanks to the team for a truly delightful evening and has added the following.


I have not taken part in any type of creative writing course so this evening was an eye opener. From choosing some of our favourite things and then finding these lists equated to how we would like to be seen, how other people actually see us and how we in fact are, to discussing what’s in a name and how important that choice for a character can be this was a fascinating evening. I have a complicated character I’m working on right now and using some of the exercises during the evening I began to understand her much better. This was particularly so when we made up ten questions to ask our partner (thank you Helen!) and thinking about how the answers related to my character really made a few pieces of the puzzle fall into place.


The evening flew past and the swarm/symphony (take your pick!) of Scribblers were as entertaining as ever and great company. A terrifically informative evening that we shall really have to do again.


NB. So engrossed were we, refreshments were enjoyed 'on the job', so to speak.


The meeting closed, eventually, at 9.40 pm.


Next meeting.  Just a reminder – submissions to “Huntingdon/ Huntingdonshire” competition must be handed in at the September meeting.


Thinking ahead. Our next competition is 250 words plus title and is to be based on a song.

Submissions to be handed in at our December meeting.

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